Viva el Cafe
2754 Calhoun St.
San Diego, CA 92110

10 AM to 9 PM Everyday
Stop in for an espresso boost. This café has a distinctive southwestern twist to your standard Starbucks and is unique to San Diego. We are a family owned operation.

                      One owner owns the bakery that bakes the homemade
                      desserts which supplies Viva’s many desserts and the other
                      owner's family owns a coffee plantation in Guatemala, from
                      where their espresso blend and house coffee comes from.
Our house coffee comes from our family farm, Finca San Francisco, in the Frajaines region of Villa Canales surrounded by Lake Amatitlan. Our shade grown, bird friendly farm produces only the highest quality strictly hard bean coffee. Our farm is naturally fertilized by Pacaya the nearby active volcano and our altitude of 4200 feet (meaning no need for pesticides) allow for the production of our pure natural organic coffee.